London Escorts Are High Maintenance

What kind of woman are you looking for? If you are looking for a woman who would be happy with a bicycle instead of a Mercedes, you are barking up the wrong tree. There is no way that you are going to catch me being happy with a bicycle. One of the girls I work with at London escorts loves to ride her bike to work at London escorts. She thinks she looks cute, but I think that she looks cheap turning up on her bike. I really do not think she is the sort of lady gentlemen expect to find at escorts in London.

The funny thing is that she is a lot busier than me. The gentlemen seems to think that she is cute, and I just don’t get that. Is that what gents want these days? When I go into the best escorts in London agency, I like to put on my best gear and I will never cross a gentleman’s doorstep unless I am dressed in some sort of designer gear. It can be jeans or whatever, but there is no way that I would leave home without being dressed nicely, and with something designer on.

My London escorts friend who rides her bike into London escorts, keep receiving nice designer bags from the gentlemen she dates. I think that they are totally wasted on her as it is not the sort of thing that she is into at all. When I see her, she always carries this old leather bag with her, and she does not give you the right impression if you know what I mean. I don’t have a clue how she ends up having so many dinner dates with gentlemen she meets at London escorts.

As a single lady, I have certain standards and I am high maintenance. Most girls at London escorts would probably be happy with a nail polish from Boots, but I would not dream of buying some cheap nail polish. Instead I always buy a Chanel nail polish which makes me feel a hundred million dollars. It is not that I really need it, it just makes me feel good, and I love the fact that I get a fancy bag with it as well. Do my gents appreciate my designer looks? I am not sure, and a couple of girls at London escorts have suggested that I overdo it a little bit.

I had always thought that gentlemen like high maintenance women, but now I think that a lot of guys like to hook up with girls who do not want to spend their money. Sure, there are a couple of girls here at London escorts services who have got Sugar Daddies who are not concerned about how much money they blow on their dates, but in general, I think that gentlemen like to date ladies who are careful with money. My friend with the bike keeps surprising me, and I am beginning to think that she has a good thing going. And yes, I think that she looks kind of cute when she turns up on her bike with her front basket filled with flowers. Perhaps that is the image the gents at London escorts are really looking for when it comes to women.…