A couple of months back, I had to have a couple of months of from Richmond escorts. Both of my parents died in an accident and I thought that I was going nuts. Like I said to one of my favorite dates at the agency, it was a little bit like my soul need a rest. After the funeral and sorting out their home, I just feel totally exhausted and drained. Yes, it would have been nice to gone back to work, but I simply could not handle it. My mum and dad had this cat called Felix. When they died, he was just four months old and very much like a kitten. Like I said to my brother, I was not sure that I wanted to look after him as he would remind me of my mom and dad. Finally though. I agreed to look after Felix.

My brother lived in a rented apartment was not able to keep any pets. I had been able to buy my own apartment from my earnings from Richmond escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/richmond-escorts. The first couple of days with Felix were mad. He kept walking around the apartment crying all of time. I did not know if he was missing my parents. After all, as far as I could tell they had really spoiled him and now he was expecting me to do the same thing. Things got a little bit better when my brother arrived from Hampshire with all of his toy.

At the time I was still really depressed and found it hard to do things. My friends from Richmond escorts used to come around and do things for me. It was during this time, I discovered that Felix shared my interest of the balcony. I had noticed that fresh air made me feel better and I used to sit out on the balcony wrapped up in a warm blanket. It was the coldest time of the year so it was really a crazy thing to do, but I felt better for it. Soon Felix took to sitting there with me and we started to have little chats.

My friends from Richmond escorts thought that I needed to go out for a drink rather than to sit there and talk to a cat. The beauty of Felix was that he always listened. I did all of the talking and he just sat there turning his head just like a dog. Like I said to my friends at Richmond escorts, it was very much like he understood every word that I said to me. Within a couple of weeks, it was clear that Felix chatted to me as well. I went shopping for food and he started to greet me by the door. He always had something to say and seemed to take a genuine interest what was in the bags. This carried on for a good while, and I soon realized that it was Felix and his pet therapy that brought me out of my depression and helped me to feel better.

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