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I am that would call myself high maintenance but I would say that I have certain standards in life. The gentlemen I date at London escorts have spoiled me on many occasions, and now my expectations of life, are some what different. Do I feel guilty about wanting the finer things in life? I don’t feel guilt about that at all, and I enjoy everything life and my fine gents at London escorts can offer me.

You may be wondering how my London escorts dates spoil me. Well, each and every gent I meet at London escorts is special. Take my date tonight for instance. He loves fine dining and we always eat at the best restaurants in London. The meal always starts with the best champagne, and he then orders a bottle of special wine. It is not one of those wines you just throw down your throat, it is one of those wines you slowly sip and enjoy. Almost more like a nectar than a wine.

The we have my London escorts date who I am seeing tomorrow. I am the only girl at London escorts he sees, and I know that I mean the world to him. He travels a lot during the week, and when he does so, he takes the time to buy the most beautiful jewelery. Many of the pieces are one off’s, and they even end up hanging around my neck. I love his attention to detail and really appreciate his small but expensive gifts.

Then we have Keith who just loves to travel. When he comes to London, one of the first things he does is call the best London escort and ask for a date with me. Before I know it, he has sent a car for me, and I am on his way to his private jet. Keith loves nothing better than whisking me off somewhere and I have enjoyed some fantastic dates all across both the UK and Europe. He is one of those exciting and energetic dates you can meet at a London escorts service.

Yes, I know that I am a lucky girl, and not all of the other London escorts are as lucky as I am.

Fortunately, I have been able to attract the right kind of gents to make life special at London escorts. Have they raised my expectations in life? They certainly have, and I cannot see what is wrong with that at all. What is going to happen when I leave London escorts? Well, perhaps I will be whisked away by Keith to his castle in Scotland. I would just love that, and I know that I could expect the best of all things in life with Keith by my side. Is that what I truly want? Before I leap, I had better have a think about that. Perhaps I just enjoy being spoiled my gents and will end marrying the bloke who fixes me old car!…

Summer Vacation With Escorts

Summer Vacation With Escorts

Finally, it was summer and what could be more satisfying than going out on a summer vacation? Tom and Peter, two college students had an out of this world experience when they decided to enjoy their summer at a sea beach and decided to add to their fun by getting two escorts.

If Tom and Peter could be asked to rate this particular vacation, it would be the best they ever had; possibly something that we could all hope to experience at least once in a lifetime! The two friends had always gone for vacations, but usually accompanied by their girlfriends and as we all know, sometimes girlfriends are very sensitive and fail to explore the way we would love them to. Escort girls are adventurous, ready to explore and always there to meet your needs.

Tom and Peter’s three days were filled with laughter and joy as they learned to get acquainted with the two girls. It did not take long before the two friends realized how useful the two girls were. Unlike any other girls, escort girls have class. Most of them are just out there not only for money but also for fun. Tom and Peter realized this soon enough.

The four youths soon realized that they all had almost similar interests. They all loved nature, sun bathing and swimming. The two friends realized the unique characters of these girls. The girls were friendly, polite and loved their company.

In the three days, the two friends had all their needs met. Those girls just knew very well their roles and did all that was wanted of them. The two friends simply had to tell them what they wanted done and what they disliked and the girls knew how to take care of them.

The two friends involved themselves with all the crazy activities you can ever think of, from playing treasure hunt to building castles to squatting, working out and those sweet steamy sex morning sessions. In all this, the two girls proved perfect companions as they were always there whenever needed. Funny enough, the girls too seemed to enjoy the boys’ company and so it just worked as a perfect match.

As the vacation came to an end, the two guys realized they had made new friends, friends they would always look for when going for a treat. They were already looking forward to next years vacation!

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